Dazed and confuse

Know what?
 i'm so confusing right now
whether to do internship
at shah alam (dh da rumah sewa),
kedah (fully sponsored by FAMA)
o penang ( da abg,kak,n IBU..ehh) =P

then..it become more confusing
when MICPA offering
scholarship for MICPA certificate
 (professional accountant certificate)

without fully thinking about it
i applied for company AFTAAS,KPMG,BDO
this means kuala lumpur 
will also b my list right now :'(

Some brief explanation about this scholar
the employer will paid all the fees
BUT it'ill bond us to that company
about 3-4 years
in positive way
it goods as i can grab the opportunity
but somehow i'm thinking my hectic life 
within this 4 years
22-26 years old

i'm family-oriented person,
to b workaholic person make me think more
whether or not to continue with it

another benefits in this MICPA scholar
i can finishing my degree and this professional certificate 
in the same time
cause this only need me to finish 3 paper
1 during intership,another 2 in final years

sometimes i was thinking
to b fastracker it was so so tiring!!

inshaAllah.i'ill ask for guidance from Allah
to make it clear
at the same time
i should consider all factor
as well as take into account
anyone who will be
affected with my future decision 
wink! ~.^

Death note: i had ohsem weekend!! will be update with YOU soon. ;)
b patient n hardworking yeah! =.~


  1. hi hihi. so finally where you do your internship? :)

  2. Currently i do my internship at Jamal Amin & partners :-)