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What is the Plagiarism’s Consequences?
Plagiarism is a significant problem that occurs at university level. The term plagiarism commonly uses to illustrate the theft of ideas or words. According to Philpott (2010), plagiarism is the use of someone else's ideas, language or other original materials without giving the proper credit or acknowledge for that work. Some students plagiarize intentionally and some are without intention. Unintentional plagiarism occurs when the students are failing to adopt proper ways to credit others’ works including using appropriate ways to acknowledge ideas, the practice quotation and etc (Park, 2003). Nowadays, many students view plagiarism is acceptable and generally perceived plagiarism as ‘no big deal’ .However, the practice of plagiarism has a lot of negative consequences on both the students and university at large.
One of consequences of practice plagiarism on universities is damaging their credibility. Plagiarism is form of cheating and this become so widespread within universities. According to Croucher as cited in Fawkner & Keremidchieva,  they can’t prevent this practice to happen because its practice beyond the universities capacity to deal with its. When students practice plagiarism, the quality of education will decrease as they can’t produce their own ideas based on their understanding. Ultimately, credibility of many universities was in doubt because of this practice. Employers will perceive that the universities are not capable to produce quality graduate students. This is because when the students who practice plagiarism enter work environment, they can’t apply what they have learn as they are lack of critical thinking. Therefore, reputation of universities is at risk.
The practice of plagiarism also gives impact towards student by damaging their capability, promoting to unethical behavior, and lacking of integrity. The first consequence is damaging their skill that will affect their self development. Self development is a self-guided improvement.  The student will fail to develop and exploit their own critical thinking skill and they also will lack of understand about the lesson as they cannot express their idea based on their own words (Hall, 2010). If this happen, it will affect the student in the future, during their working, as they cannot solve the problem efficiently. Besides that, plagiarism also encourages the student to be lazy. It is because by copying other’s work or ideas from others, the students do not have to spend much time to think about the subject. With this kind of habit, it will make them to feel very easy and does not have to struggle to complete the assignment. Therefore, practicing of plagiarism will totally affect the students’ capability.
            Furthermore, practicing of plagiarism will also promote the students to unethical behaviors. For instance, cheating is one of unethical behavior that can be a serious matter in the future. Maybe, when students choose to cheat or plagiarize, it may be a symptom of more serious problems such as inappropriate class placement, over-commitment to extra-curricular activities, and or academic desperation. However, from small beginning in the university, in the end, it will become white collar criminals of future as well as other dishonest habits (Fawker & Keremidchieva). So, students should not practice of plagiarism as it will lead to serious ethics problem in future.
            Lack of integrity among university student is one of the consequences of practicing plagiarism. As we know, integrity is you are honest and firm in your moral principles. When someone practices plagiarism, it shows the student is lacking of self integrity. It is because, the students does not respect others idea or opinion and doing it without feeling any guilty  (Martin). Thus, practice of plagiarism will make the student is lacking of integrity.
In conclusion , the consequences of practice of plagiarism on university and students will damaging their credibility, reputation, and self development, Plagiarism is not only occurs in the academic perspective but also occurs in the society circumference. In order to prevent plagiarism, it is crucial for the university to reinforcement of rules so that the students are afraid to take risk of plagiarism.
prepared by:
Fatin Athirah Mohammad n Me..=)