Hey! Hi!

this month really ohsem to me

I'm already got the offer letter
but not send acception letter yet
oh yeah..for those who doesn't know
the only one i applied
Jamal Amin & Partners (Audit firm)
& i get it! 
I'm giving up to apply MICPA scholar,intern at big 4 & UMW
but still feel that this will be my best choice

Then, this month
spending more time with friends and their "kesengetan"
and my kesengetan pun become worst

perghh..see.betapa senget nya aku snggup hntar tweet kat fizo.. =,=

Sbelom blik kedah..

lagi lagi..ohsem sbab dpt pujian makin kurus
siap nak rhsia aku lgi tu yg xbleh blah
see at moment wechat ape rhsia nya.haha

and and and
other ohsem...!

my friends started to worry
 if i'm falling in love again for real.deabak!
no worries
inshaAllah i'm trying my best
 saving it to the right person
at the right time
at this moment, for men other than my family
they are only either crush (mybe idol or admire) ,friends or enemy
not more than that
don't ask again  =P

really want to thanks my dear friends and that someone =D
you all the most ohsem here. <3

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