BJP501 Japanese Language Final Project

The movie tells about a young Japanese couple, Toru and Sara, 
who have to stay apart as Toru have to further studies at Malaysia. 
Having not met with each other for a long period of time, 
Sara decided to go to Malaysia
 and make a surprise visit to his beloved boyfriend on one holiday,
not expecting to be more surprised with what she encounters when she met Toru. 
Toru, who Sara thought were the man of her life, were not as faithful as he claimed. 
Throughout Toru's life as a student in Malaysia,
 he had had another girlfriend which Sara did not know about, Mastura.

Member : Ansara, Zianah, Mastura, Ira, Iffah

another my kayu action =,=

Death note: 
a lot to share with my beloved diary.
family days..pulau tioman..n more more
but this month is my hectic month
coz i'm facing my final examination
wish all the best to me

p/s : choose for high quality video

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