Family Days Keluarga Haji Samsudin

A Family Is Like

by Nicole M. O'Neil

A Family is like a circle
the connection never ends
and even if at times it breaks
in time it always mends

a family is like the stars
somehow there always there
families are those who help
who support and always care

A Family is like a book
the endings never clear
but through the pages of the book
their love is always near

Adam with make we more days helps a lot

A family is many things
with endless words that show
who they are and what they do
and how they teach you so you know
but don’t be weary if it's broken
or if through time its been so worn
families are like that-
they're split up and always torn
but even if this happens
your family will always be
they help define just who you are
and will be apart of you eternally

we win for futsal!! 

Rania with big eyes.

here our Marsha with her father. They show talent in football.hiks

Clown that i'm jelous with him.coz he got rm500 for only 2 hours with us!
ok.that accountant that always think about cost-benefit analysis =3
all this done at Pantai Merdeka!!
nice place to visit 

next family days
will be at Pulau Pangkor mybe
still in progress

Death Note: This remind me to person who sent me back 
when there are no ticket to Kedah
thanks a lot.
drive Kajang-Kedah without ask me to drive.
some tips to sleep while other people are driving
without they notice is wearing sunglass

Abah should buy a car immediately 
so that i can back myself
hiks.i agree with saga flx.even at first i want myvi
plishh.make it happen.
don't just "omong kosong"

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