I'm really grateful with my examination result
more than expected
thank you Allah
You are the one who know how worries i am
with my messy sem
sem that you give me a lot of difficulties
in order to make me stronger
i believe this is reward from You

Sabr (patience) is mentioned 90 times in the Quran.
 And whenever the word patience is mentioned, 
it will be followed by reward from Allah!

even though i believe all my friends do better
insha Allah
but still whatever it is.This result you give to me
more than enough to me

Death note:

I would like to apologize to someone.
since she had blocked me at fb
i don't sure enough whether she will read this or not 
but still want to say this
I'm really sorry not telling you the whole truth one before
like i said before in my old post
it for ur own good 

 u are the one who really want me to tell the truth right?
u are the one who want me to be honest with u
when i disclose it all
then u started to mad with me
never mind. i know its my mistake too.
i really don't want to have any enemy or hater
even one.

really really
sorry for all mistakes that i have done to u
hopefully u will read this.

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