I reAlly want IT!!

I really want all these stuff but i don’t have much money 2 buy it..so sad right??huhu..
1-    Spectacle..so I dont have 2 wide my eyes 2 see what lecterur write..not really like 2 use lens..t8 care my eyes larh konon..

2- Digital camera.i like posing2...

3- Islamic book..so I can be more motivated..perhaps..

4-   Take license for car n motocycle..then i can go wherever i want..

5-Make ASB a/c..really important 4 my future..huhu..

6-A lot of new clothes..really interested in U N SALES!!

p/s:sja nk test ckp bi nih..hehe...sb 2 larh post nih skit ja...another advantage,mnataw org yg xpham bhasa mlayu nk bg bnda2 yg aku nk ni ka??kn untung 2...

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